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Various Natural Materials acquire the status of a resource when they are used by people, with a growth in population there is an increase in demand and need for these natural resources. To Fulfill these needs and demands it is necessary to increase the utility of resources.

It is not possible to apply a single measure for conservation of resources. Hence many measures are required to conserve resources. It is necessary to utilize natural as well as human resources efficiently for the development of the nation. International relations between nations exist due to political stability, peace and mutual understanding among nations. Resource development takes place in such nations.

A Favorable national policy helps in development of these resources. For this, government should have complete information about the number of persons living in different areas, their age, education occupations etc.
This guides the government in estimating the requirements of the nation in upcoming years and decide as to what measures should be taken to avoid difficulties in the near future.

In view of this Census is carried out during stipulated years in the country. In India census is carried out ever 10 years. The latest census was carried out in the year 2011.

At PopulationIndia we get you the facts and figures, latest developments, related terminologies and highlight how India’s population can impact the world.