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Age Structure Theory and Importance

Classification of people according to age is called age structure. Age structure of a population refers to the number of people in different age groups.
It is important to study age structure of population to relate and study the work efficiency, social status, education, occupation patterns of the people
A larger size of population in the age group of 15-59 years indicates the chances of having a larger working population. As percentage of working population is high it can be stated that a country is marching on the path of progress.
On the other hand, if the number of children in the population is high, the dependency ratio will be high. Similarly, a growing population in the age group of 60 plus indicates greater expenditure on the care of the aged.
The type of age structure has a direct influence on the future of a nation, since both extremes, old age dependency as well as young age dependency prove to be a severe burden on the economy of a country.