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Populous Thane District to be split into Two

Soon after the results of Population India Census 2011 were declared. the huge growth in population has intensified the debate to split Thane District of Maharashtra into Two separate districts. This will be done for easier administration of the area to bridge the social and economic divide between the prosperous south thane and neglected rural areas in the north.
The population of Thane 2011 was estimated at 1,10,54,131 this is close to 10 percent ( 9.84 ) of Maharashtra’s estimated population ( 11.24 crores ), 1 % of India’s Total population. The population of Thane has grown from 81,31,849 in 2001 to these levels.
The density of population was estimated at 1,157 people per square kilometer. The sex ratio i.e number of females per 1000 male was 880 which is less than the states average of 925.
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This growth in population in Thane is centered around the urbanized metro areas of Thane city, Kalyan-Dombvili, Navi Mumbai, Mira-Bhayander, and Bhiwandi. Thane’s population has grown to a very large extent because of the increase in Real estate prices in Mumbai and the trend of moving away from the island city is being followed.
Thane’s Real Estate sector and Prices too have witnessed a boom. Almost all of Mumbai’s big real estate companies have purchased large acres of land in Thane.
The factories which were located in Thane have also cashed in on the increase in real estate prices, many of them have sold their lands to developers. By the next decade more people are expected to migrate to Thane from Mumbai.
This increase in population has added a toll to the areas infrastructure and further expected increase has urged policy makers to split Thane into two for better administration, development and efficient utilization of funds.
The water flow from Tansa river, which originates from Shahpur, is expected to be the geographical boundary line for the two new districts.
Earlier the states of Uttaranchal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh were formed when the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh were split because of Increasing population and Administrative convenience. The State of Karnataka is Expected to Split into Karnataka and Telangana